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  1. 1 YEAR + 1 YEAR
    1. ESHOPPS Inc.,guarantees warranty of the product to its original purchaser from manufacturer defect and workmanship (occurring under normal use) from date of purchase for stated warranty period of one (1) year.
    2. 2 Year Extended Warranty. Register your product on ESHOPPS website to extend your warranty for 1 more year.
    3. The warranty is not transferable and is confined to the original purchaser only.
    4. Used or second hand equipment does not carry a manufacturer warranty.
    5. This warranty does not cover any personal injuries, property loss or damage, including livestock and equipment.
    6. A PROOF OF PURCHASE from an authorized dealer must be provided when making a warranty claim. Any time a copy of receipt cannot be provided, the product is considered “out of warranty”.
    7. Customer requesting warranty service must request an RMA number before sending any product back. We do not offer exchange or upgrade.
    8. For items damaged during shipping, it must be returned back to the store of purchase, (not manufacturer)for an exchange.
    9. Customer requesting for a new replacement part MUSTsend the old replacement part(s) back (no exception).
    10. Customers are responsible to pay any postage and shipping fees to return products or parts back for service
    1. The product is modified, drilled, damaged, misused, abused, dropped and or tampered with.
    2. The product is not purchased from an ESHOPPS Inc.authorized dealer.
    3. The product is purchased from second hand used.