Be Confident with ESHOPPS ALPHA Class, ALPHA FUGE Refugium designed for the Advanced Hobbyist incorporating ESHOPPS unique Triple Water Channel Design and an easy access Filter Sock w/ a clear removable lid. The ALPHA FUGE Refugium Sump features a Large Protein Skimmer compartment with Dosing Tubes and a Probe Holder Cradle. In addition, a large Return Pump compartment with built-in water level ATO Float Valve and a Hang on Multi-Purpose Media Tray. The Multi-Purpose Media Tray can be used as a in-sump passive media filter. Additionally, the Refugium compartment has a removable ALGAE-BLOCKER panel along with a built-in Bubble Trap with easy change Mini Filter Sponge. Be Confident that the ALPHA FUGE Refugium Sump will meet all the demands an Advanced Hobbyist can dream of.

36x16x16″ (914x406x406 mm)
Skimmer Compartment
14×15.5″ (356×394 mm)
Refugium Compartment
13-1/4×8″ (336×203 mm)
Return Compartment
8×15.5″ (203×394 mm)
Tank Usage
225-300 gal (851-1,135 L)
Filter Sock
7″ (178 mm)
Removable Media Tray
3×3″ (76×76 mm)
Total Water Volume
38 gal (144 L)
Max Sump Flow Rate
2,000 GPH (7,571 LPH)