Sometimes the best way to move forward is by sticking to tradition. The ESHOPPS WD 4th G. sumps did just that. Redesigned to make it even more perfect for your freshwater aquariums with huge bio load such as cichlids or large fish and works great for your saltwater setup. It uses the proven traditional method of wet and dry biological filtration via Bio Balls.The 4th G.’s new design promises you ease of use and effortless maintenance. The WD 4th G. sump comes with high flow spill over method, slide out drawer style drip tray, and easy access to changing of filter pads. Tradition meets innovation.

30x14x16″ (762x356x406 mm)
Return Compartment
13.5×13.5″ (343×343 mm)
Total Water Volume
29 gal (110 L)
Max Operating Volume
15 gal (57 L)
Max Drain Down Volume
15 gal (57 L)
Max Flow Rate
800 GPH (3,028 LPH)
Bio-balls Pcs.
500 Bio-balls
3 x 1″ (25 mm)