Budget-friendly protein skimmers are designed with simplicity in mind to satisfy the skimming needs of saltwater aquarium hobbyists. Included quiet-operating Italian Sicce pump features a needle-wheel impeller that dynamically mixes air and water to create a flurry of waste-removing bubbles. Greatly improves water quality and oxygen level in saltwater aquariums. Collection cup is easily removable for convenient skimmer maintenance and disposal of collected waste material. Also features an adjustment knob that fine-tunes water level within the protein skimmer reaction chamber for optimal performance.


  • Needle-wheel impeller
  • Removable Collection Cup
  • Slant Neck
  • Sicce Italy Pumps


Item # Model Diameter Total
Pump use Tank Usage
18250 Nano Skimmer 3" 12" 3"x12" Micra 10- 35g
18000 PSK-75 3" 19" 9"x4" SE-200 10- 75g
18005 PSK-100 4" 22" 10"x5" SE-200 75- 100g
18010 PSK-150 5" 22" 12"x6" SK-400 100- 150g
18015 PSK-200 6" 23" 14"x7" PSK-600 150- 200g
18020 PSK-300 7" 23" 15"x13" PSK- 1000 200- 300g

*The design of the product may change without notice in order to improve quality. 
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