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ESHOPPS Royale Reef Sump from the Professional Series incorporates everything an expert level Aquarist would need. Dual 9.5” filter socks, large adjustable water height Protein Skimmer chamber, a comfortable return pump chamber and a multi-use Refugium, ATO auto-top off or frag tank chamber with float valve installed. These features and versatile multi-purpose use design make the Royale Reef Sump from the Professional Series the best choice sump filter for experts and professional Aquarist alike. Experience the luxury of the ESHOPPS Royale Reef Sump.


Item# 54701
Dimensions 44x20x16"
Skimmer Compartment 19x16"
Return Compartment 19x6.5"
Tank Usage 300-450g
Filter Socks 2 x 9.5"
Total Water Volume 58
Max Sump Flow Rate 3000gph